Now Offering Virtual Lessons on 


Lessons are generally broken down into two parts:


 1)Vocal Warm-Up (focusing on technique, breath support, posture, intonation and vowel placement) 


 2)Repertoire Work (teaching new pieces, polishing old material too, finding vocal phrasing in songs, how to act the song)


     *If you are an actor curating a solid audition, coaching on monologues to pair with a vocal selection is also offered

     as well as assistance in making audition cuts with your music (i.e. 32 Bars/16 Bars)

           *If you are booking for callback material prep, the warm up can be omitted or shortened  

Adult & Teen Lessons: 

Single One Hour Virtual  Voice Lesson $80

Weekly One Hour Virtual Voice Lesson $320/month


For Youth: Piano & Voice Lessons(Monthly Payment):


Weekly One Hour Voice Lesson  $320 ($80/per Lesson)

Weekly One Hour Voice & Piano Lesson $320 ($80/per Lesson)

Weekly 45 min Voice Lesson $260 ($65/per Lesson) 

Weekly 30 min Beginning Piano Lesson $180 ($45/per Lesson)